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The Practice of the Presence of God for Practical Purposes

2002: Quimby Bicentennial, included SSMR session on Quimby at INTA Congress and two lectures on Quimby Heritage at Calgary Life Enrichment Centre around the time of his Feb. 16 birthday. Other Quimby events will be noted here if information on them is sent to On March 7, 2002, a comprehensive Phineas Parkhurst Quimby website, which has complete texts of Quimby writings and much biographical and other material relating to Quimby,was established by Ron Hughes. For sights and sounds of the 2002 SSMR session devoted to Quimby, as well as other talks on Quimby, click here.

Some Major Families of New Thought and Overall Organizations Concerned with All of Them
Unity/Divine Science-Related
New Thought Denominations and Outlooks
Overall Organizations Religious Science-Related
New Thought Denominations and Outlooks
New Thought Fillmore-style: the Unity family of beliefs and organizations
Unity School of Christianity and Assn. of Unity Churches, incl. directory of member churches;
Unity-Progressive Council;
World Federation of Unity Churches; and
Universal Foundation for Better Living (derived from Unity, by way of C.U.T.)
International New Thought Alliance (INTA)

INTA Archives

New Thought History Chart

2003 INTA CONGRESS SCHEDULE OF EVENTS ">July 2003 Congress, Phoenix, AZ

New Thought Holmes-style: the Religious Science (Science of Mind)
family of beliefs and organizations
United Church of Religious Science;
Religious Science International;
Independent Science of Mind: Global Religious Science Ministries;
Affiliated New Thought Network (derived from Religious Science)
Process Science of Mind
New Thought Cramer and Brooks Divine Science style:
here | here | here | here | here | here | here

Society for the Study of Metaphysical Religion (SSMR)
New Thought Taniguchi-style:
The depth of green background color of the denominations listed above corresponds to the order of their founding.

Process New Thought--not an organization, but a combination of traditional New Thought techniques and a new understanding of the metaphysical foundation of New Thought, offering new opportunities for most wisely engaging in co-creation with God. See the next section below and the links in the section with this color to numerous writings by Alan Anderson and Deb Whitehouse. See Process Philosophy and the New Thought Movement, as well as A Practical Spirituality . . . , and Nuggets . . . for more details. See also the type of New Thought known as Process Science of Mind.

The material given above partly summarizes information given below; see there for links to other groupings, independent organizations, individuals, writings, and other resources related to New Thought. Either scroll through the site or go directly to the following: brief introduction | overall organizations | Brad Jensen's conference system | directories of denominational and various independent organizations, books, services, coming events, etc. | periodicals | conventionally published articles available online | various WWW writings | Anderson and Whitehouse books, monograph, and other writings on New Thought in general and on the metaphysical foundations of New Thought | listserv | New Thought-influenced organizations | Philosophy Corner | other resources


The New Thought movement--not to be confused with New Age--is a more than century-old, practically oriented spirituality that promotes fullness of all aspects of living, through constructive thinking, meditating, and other ways of realizing the presence of God. New Thought includes Unity, Religious Science (Science of Mind), Divine Science, and other groups and individuals. It was recognized as "The Religion of Healthy-Mindedness" by William James in The Varieties of Religious Experience. New Thought involves habitual God--good--aligned mental self-discipline. It has no one creed, but has affinities to idealistic philosophical traditions of all ages and places. It is mostly Christian in background, but has become allied to various religions. New Thought continues to develop conceptually, educationally, and organizationally.

Because New Thought affirms freedom of belief of each person, New Thoughters cover a broad range of theological positions, from traditional supernaturalistic theism (God largely outside the world) at one extreme, to pantheism (all is God) at the other, with the newer panentheism (all is IN God) as a centrist, mediating position, rapidly gaining supporters in many theological quarters. In common with most other religions and spiritualities, most forms of New Thought take for granted the existence of continuing substance; however, the Process New Thought represented by the Anderson and Whitehouse writings linked below accepts a process understanding recognizing experience, process, living quanta of energy, and the interactions of these many minds, as the nature of reality. This Process New Thought presents process, panentheism, and a personalism recognizing God as the supreme, not anthropomorphically conceived, person as essential to an adequate New Thought. The latest expression of process thinking within New Thought is Process Science of Mind. An earlier non-pantheistic interpretation of New Thought was advocated by Horatio W. Dresser.

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The International New Thought Alliance: the umbrella organization connecting many New Thought groups and individuals. Includes links to directories of local group members, districts, and officials of INTA.

Society for the Study of Metaphysical Religion: the academic organization concerned primarily with the New Thought movement.


Emma Curtis Hopkins College and Theological Seminary, Clearwater, Florida; has external degree programs and emphasizes academic excellence.


BRAD JENSEN'S "UNITY CONFERENCE SYSTEM" for discussion of any New Thought-related topics, and his booklet making system.

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New Thought Movement Online: groups and individuals with sites of all types. A must for anyone seeking information on New Thought today.

Noel McInnis's major gateway, complementary to this one, to New Thought, the New Thought Network.
He also has Choosing Forgiveness: Replacing Conflict with Co-Operation, which has a link to Raymond Charles Barker's booklet (reprinted from the August 1952 issue of Science of Mind), The Science of Forgiveness.

The New Thought Web Directory, searchable, presented by Cornerstone Books, on Northwoods Divine Science Resource Center.

Mostly New Thought books and sites related to New Thought writers online

The Power of Thought to Heal: An Ontology of Personal Faith, 1998 Ph.D. dissertation, Claremont, by Arthur Preston Smith. The former site also provides access to his 1999 SSMR paper, "Towards a Sustainable Metaphysic of Faith."

As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen; a little old classic.

Books by Charles Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore, Emilie Cady, Gardner Hunting, Wallace Wattles, and Brad Jensen. For an updated, multimedia elaboration on Charles Fillmore's twelve powers teaching, involving alternative healing, psychology, and metaphysics, see Twelve Powers in You.

Unity Way "This web site contains Unity and [Other] New Thought materials, translated into Russian language."

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby Ron Hughes' website, with complete texts of Quimby writings and much biographical and other material relating to Quimby

The Healing Wisdom of Dr. P. P. Quimby edited by Mason Alonzo Clark. Also, without illustrations, here; select Phineas P. Quimby link.

The Philosophy of P. P. Quimby by Annetta Gertrude Dresser (and Horatio W. Dresser).

Excerpts from "Quimby's Technique" by Horatio W. Dresser.

Notes on Quimby and Related Matters: Quotations from the Dressers, Ernest Holmes, and others.

Quimby Links

William W. Atkinson (Yogi Ramacharaka) site.

The Ralph Waldo Trine Home Page, with links to Trine's "The Wayfarer on the Open Road" and "Character Building Thought Power".

Walter C. Lanyon Website.

Mildred Mann, How to Find your Real Self

Joseph Murphy discussion group

Ella Wheeler Wilcox Website

Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn.

The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward.

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward.

The Creative Power in the Individual by Thomas Troward.

The Science of Mind, original 1926 edition, by Ernest Holmes.

Links to 12 writings by Brad Jensen.

Links to audio recordings by Larry and Mary Ellen Swartz, E. J. Niles, Brad Jensen, Janet and Wayne Manning, Marcus Burden, and Alan Rowbotham.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, with links to audio version.

Excerpts from books by Emmet Fox.

Emmet Fox, a brief biographical sketch.

"I Am There" and "Prayer for Protection" by James Dillet Freeman (the writings carried to the moon), presented in the context of the talk that he gave in accepting the International New Thought Alliance's Blaine C. Mays Lifetime Achievement Award, on August 1, 1999.

Nonprofit Cornerstone Books (also here and here), in addition to selling books, has placed biographical sketches and in some cases the full texts of the following New Thought-related books, and others, online, as well as offering free hosting for New Thought sub-domains and full domain housing for New Thought sites for a one-time set-upfee.:

James Allen - Above Life's Turmoil
James Allen - Byways to Blessedness
Rebecca Beard - Rename Your World
Malinda Cramer Soon to include her book, Divine Science and Healing.
Annetta Gertrude Dresser - The Philosophy of P. P. Quimby
Horatio W. Dresser Includes much of
The Quimby Manuscripts, First Edition, and soon The Power of Silence.
Henry Drummond - 11 dfferent books and lectures
Ralph Waldo Emerson - 16 different books, lectures, and other writings
Warren Felt Evans.Includes his book "The Mental Cure").
Ursula N. Gestefeld Includes some pages from her book, How We Master Our Fate.
William James - The Varieties of Religious Experience. See especially the lectures on "The Religion of Healthy-Mindedness," although the whole of this classic should be read.
Christian D. Larson - Your Forces and How to Use Them
Prentice Mulford. Includes an online book Prentice Mulford's Story: Life by Land and Sea, plus some pages from two of his other books.
Ralph Waldo Trine - The Greatest Thing Ever Known
Ralph Waldo Trine - This Mystical Life of Ours
Henry Wood. Includes his book, The New Thought Simplified.
More recently added:
Vernon Howard - There is a Way Out
Walter C. Lanyon - A Lamp Unto My Feet
Walter C. Lanyon - The Impatient Dawn
Walter C. Lanyon - Out of the Clouds
Walter C. Lanyon - A Royal Diadem
Walter C. Lanyon - Ask
Walter C. Lanyon - It is Wonderful
Walter C. Lanyon - 2 A.M.
Walter C. Lanyon - Embers
Walter C. Lanyon - Various Book Chapters
Catherine Ponder - Catherine Ponder Speaks
Ernest Holmes - Ernest Holmes Speaks
Joseph Murphy - The Miraculous Law of Healing
Emma Curtis Hopkins - The Statement of Being
Frank B. Robinson Web Page - Includes links to his Psychiana lessons and other writings

Northwoods Divine Science Resource Center has much material related to New Thought and other writers and organizations, including complete texts of:

Nona Brooks - Mysteries (1924, 3rd ed. 1977)
Kahlil Gibran - The Prophet (1923)
Agnes Lawson - Hints to Bible Study (1920)
W. John Murray - Mental Medicine (1923) and New Thoughts on Old Doctrines (1918)

Coming Events and special announcements of interest to New Thought. See also Activities Calendar, compiled by Page Hagan, whose large collection of New Thought and other links can be found here. In general, if an organization associated with an event is not listed in the New Thought Movement Online site, it is likely to be New Age.

New Thought Books advertised online. See also and

New Thought Bookstores
FCRS Richer Living Bookstore, featuring used and new books.
Kazzie's Books & Baubles, specializing in used and out-of-print Unity books.

New Thought-oriented greeting cards, featuring poetry by James Dillet Freeman

New Thought Denominations and other organizations: some group expressions of New Thought.

Metaphysics: Multiple Meanings: Selected as one of The Best 1,001 Web Sites, distinguishes popular and scholarly metaphysics, and provides links to sites related to both.

Brad Jensen's Home Page, with links to his writings and his Unity Home Page, which has additional links, including one to his bulletin board Unity Conference System for discussion of Unity and other New Thought topics.

Prayer Ministries: New Thought: 24 hour help available by telephone.

Products and Services related to New Thought in varying degrees, and generally included at the request of the providers.


Bright Ideas | Creative Thought | Daily Word | some earlier issues of Daily Word | Dialogue and Distinction | JSSMR | New Thought | current Science of Mind | some earlier issues of Science of Mind | Turbinado Web zine | Unity Magazine | some earlier issues of Unity Magazine (ended publication with Oct. 2000 issue, but resumed with Jan.-Feb. 2001 issue, apparently no longer with website).

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"Accept Your Freedom to Be Whole" By Deb Whitehouse, from June 1998 Unity Magazine.

The Forgotten Contribution of Annie Rix Militz to the Unity School of Christianity" by John K. Simmons, from Nova Religio Vol.2, No.1, October 1998. Also found here.

"God: Personal, Eternal, and New" by Deb Whitehouse, from April 1996 Unity Magazine.

"New Thought" by David Radloff for a University of Virginia sociology course in Spring 1998.

"New Thought and 12 Step Recovery From Addiction: Practical American Spiritualities" by Kenneth E. Hart, from Spiritual and Religious Issues in Behaviour Change, 9: 3-5.

"Process Thought and the New Thought Movement" by Alan Anderson, an article in the "What Process Thought Means to Me" series in Process Perspectives, the Newsletter of the Center for Process Studies, 21:1 (Fall/Winter 1997-1998): 18-19.

Three articles written from a conservative Christian viewpoint, by Pat Knapp, all on the Darkness to Light Home Page:

Religious Science: What Does it Teach?

An Analysis of Religious Science, Part One

An Analysis of Religious Science, Part Two

"The Origins of Radiant Living" New Zealand New Thought-related movement.

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Paul Laughlin and friends on Unity organizations and teachings, as well as additional Unity and other New Thought related topics.

Ascending sermons of Carolyn Odom Burleson, of Lifestream.

The Optimist Creed: Promise Yourself by Christian D. Larson.

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Anderson and Whitehouse, New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality; reviews and links to excerpts online.

Whitehouse and Anderson, Practicing the Presence of God for Practical Purposes table of contents, preface, and first chapter.

Contrasting Strains of Metaphysical Idealism Contributing to New Thought, with sections on materialism of Dods, types of idealism, Quimby, Evans, Eddy, Hopkins, Divine Science, Unity, Troward and Holmes, and a possible future; full text given.


Affirmative Prayer, excerpted from Ch. 8 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality

Alcoholics Anonymous and Other Twelve-Step Programs in Relation to New Thought.

A Baker's Dozen Truths and Contrasting Interpretations of Them.

Bible Interpretation: symbolic, "metaphysical" interpretation.

Book review of Gillian Gill's Mary Baker Eddy by Deb Whitehouse.

Christ in you: The distinction between the man Jesus and the Christ, the presence of God, in each of us.

First Class: Affirmation consistent with both conventional and process versions of New Thought.

New Thought and the Problem of Evil, excerpted from Ch. 3 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality

The Mystical and the Occult or Psychic, excerpted from Ch. 3 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality.

New Age and the New Thought Movement, excerpted from Ch. 5 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality.

New Thought Movement: an introductory statement.

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: the man often referred to as the Father of New Thought.

Practical Christianity: a name sometimes applied to New Thought.

Prosperity: A New Thought Perspective: wealth consistent with spirituality.

ABOUT THE METAPHYSICAL FOUNDATIONS OF NEW THOUGHT Some from New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality; for additional links to excerpts from that book, click here.

Experience: All There Is, explaining mind or spirit in terms of momentary bursts of awareness.

Intuition and Then Some, a simple presentation of prehension, the basic feature of reality that provides awareness of experiences of all sorts and causal relationships.

"God is Not All, but God is In All, So Be of Good Cheer." 20 reasons for rejecting the belief that God is all, and substituting a panentheistic metaphysics, in which inclusion is understood as feeling the feelings of other experiences. A new foundation for New Thought practice.

Healing in a Process New Thought Perspective, explaining healing as a process involving reducing the contrast between the past and the God-given perfect possibilities. Excerpted from Ch. 6 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality.

Law: Natural and Divine. Does law do anything? Excerpted from Ch. 6 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality.

"Lost Threads in New Thought: Influence of Other Metaphysical (and Non-Metaphysical) Groups Carrying New Thought Off Course." A paper presented by Deb at a conference of the SSMR, Oct. 23, 1999. Has New Thought been led astray?

The March of Metaphysics. Two dozen steps from ancient Greek metaphysics to constructive postmodernism.

"Metaphysics in the Metaphysical Movement". A paper presented by Alan at a conference of the SSMR, Oct. 23, 1999. Is New Thought metaphysics really myth?

New Thought and Postmodernism, a 1988 Alan talk that sketches the background and nature of postmodernism.

Nuggets of Conventional New Thought, Process Thought, Scripture, and Other Sources Blended in or Rejected by Process New Thought

Panentheism vs. Pantheism. Is God really "all there is"? Is there only one monolithic Mind, that somehow appears as everything? Or is there a genuine multiplicity contained within an all-inclusive personal Mind that offers loving guidance to everyone and everything, yet is distinguishable, though never separate, from them? Excerpted from Ch. 6 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality.

Perennialism (Primordialism, Ancient Wisdom). An outlook contrasting with those listed below, although united with them in opposing materialism. Excerpted from Ch. 6 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality.

Person: Human, Divine, and Other. God is impartial and the ultimate person. Excerpted from Ch. 6 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality.

Pluralistic Idealism: Only Mind, Many Minds: to say that all is mind need not be to say that there is only one mind. A paper given for the Society for the Study of Metaphysical Religion.

Process Philosophy and the New Thought Movement. Is reality a continuing self-same substance or a rapid sucession of experiences? This site considers two important alternatives, with links to process philosophy sites, including Process Studies, which has links to other important philosophy and religion sites. See also Anderson's Brief Excerpts from Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne and Charles Hartshorne's Psychicalism.

Some Steps in Learning Process Thought. A guide to starting to think about a process approach to reality, drawing on some other helpful writings on the Web.

Something New in New Thought, a 2002 revised-by-the-authors version of Chapter 6 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality, the chapter located on the Process Science of Mind site. For an amplified version of the chapter, see here

The Use of Myths in Metaphysical Religions: Strategies for Proper Deployment by Deb Whitehouse


"The Healing Idealism of P. P. Quimby, W. F. Evans, and the New Thought Movement": the paper that Alan presented at the Bicentennial Symposium of Philosophy in 1976.

"How God Can Be Everywhere Without Being Everything," a talk summarizing "Pluralistic Idealism" (see above).

"How Many Is One?", a talk by Deb Whitehouse, providing a simple explanation for understanding "Pluralistic Idealism" (see above).

"New Age, New Thought, and Process Thought: A Psychological Perspective": the paper that Deb presented, on August 6, 1998, at the Center for Process Studies Silver Anniversary International Whitehead Conference.

"New Every Moment" song by Deb.

"New Thought: Linking New Age and Process Thought" the paper that Alan presented, on August 6, 1998, at the Center for Process Studies Silver Anniversary Whitehead Conference. This paper and Deb's "New Age, New Thought, and Process Thought: A Psychological Perspective" (above) also are available at the Center for Proces Study's site by clicking here, then selecting "98 Conference," then "Papers by Section," then "New Age Spirituality," and finally the papers by Deb and by Alan. John Buchanan's "Mystical Experiences in a Whiteheadian Universe" on that page is very much worth reading, as are numerous other papers presented at that conference, as are other writings on the Center for Process Studies site.

"The New Thought Movement: A Link Between East and West": the paper that Alan presented at the Parliament of the World's Religions in 1993. Includes bibliography.

Summary of "The New Thought Movement: A Link Between East and West," including added highlights of Process New Thought.

"New Thought: Under Construction", from Summer 1997 New Thought.

"Phoenix Rising", presented by Deb at the INTA Congress/Expo in Scottsdale, AZ, July 15, 1998.

Practicing the Presence of God for Practical Purposes: Balance", presented by Deb at SSMR, July 18, 1997.

"Quimby as Founder of New Thought", presented by Alan at a Florida INTA district meeting on July 20, 1996.

"Rising Above the Past - Every Moment: Co-creating a bright future by providing a positive past", presented by Alan at the INTA Congress/Expo in Scottsdale, AZ, July 18, 1998.

Working Toward a Panentheistic New Thought", presented by Alan at SSMR, July 18, 1997.

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You may click here to join the SSMR list, a free automated mailing list discussion group for exchanging ideas about such topics as the history, philosophy, theology, sociology, and practice of New Thought, as well as other forms of metaphysical religion. There are Archives of the list, available to anyone. This e-mail list originally was intended for essentially academic discussion, but has become more popularly oriented and has lost most of its early participants.

New Thought Sales and Marketing discussion list, "a discusion group for those who market and sell using New Thought philosophy and principles." Subscribe at, or send an empty e-mail message to

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Guideposts Online, with its Outreach Division, including the Peale Center, promoting the thought of Norman Vincent Peale, who acknowledged his indebtedness to New Thought.

Crystal Cathedral of Robert Schuller, whose "possibility thinking" was inspired by Peale's "positive thinking."

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Philosophical and Other Resources, compiled by Alan largely for his philosophy students. It contains most of the following links and many others.

A Checklist for Metaphysics and Ethics by Alan

David Ray Griffin's superb refutation of materialism, put into question-and-answer form by Alan

Charles Hartshorne on Love and Process

Metaphysics: Multiple Meanings by Alan

Panpsychism gives statements by various philosophers clarifying the types of idealism, and showing that belief that all is mind does not necessarily lead to belief that there is only one mind.

Josephson Institute of Ethics, including Making Ethical Decisions

Ethics links

More ethics links

Ethics Update

Theories of Human Nature Course Outline

Modern and Postmodern

Postmodern links

Postmodern Theory

A Summary of Biomedical Ethical Theory

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (University of Tennessee)

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science

The Paideia Project Online

Philosophy Sites on the Internet

Philosophy News Service

Encyclopaedia Britannica and its links

Dictionary of Theology (and philosophy)

A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

Philosophical lexicon

Window philosophers

ISM Book

Words of Art

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Theological and Philosophical Biography and Glossary

Philosophy of Mind Dictionary

Philosophy of Mind Glossary

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Columbia University Libraries Search Tools, Indexes, Lists of Sites

New York Public Library links to electronic texts in the humanities.

Search engines, and some other links, including those to web rings, comparative book prices, and almanac and encyclopedia.

News and Thought Resources, with special emphasis on religion, health, science, and arts news.

Resources related to various understandings of metaphysics at Metaphysics: Multiple Meanings.

Peter B. Lloyd's Berkeley Studies takes note of New Thought, as indebted to Berkeley, and contains much valuable material, including information on a book-in-progress, Psi Phenomena: a Berkeleian Perspective.

"A sensible look at Y2K" on Christ Unity Church site.

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An appeal from a New Thought student for participation in an academic survey on "Madness" and Religion. There is a discussion list on this.

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