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Inquiries about the archives (including questions about reproduction of materials, generally $10.00 for such an item as an article) may be sent to

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New Thought History handout presented by INTA/SSMR Addington Archives Committee at the 2000 Congress

Joint INTA/SSMR Archives Committee members (left to right) Doug and Karen Jones, Deb Whitehouse, and EvaGrace Johnson conferring with INTA President Blaine Mays (center), July 31, 1999, in Safety Harbor, FL, during the 1999 INTA Congress.

Archives Purpose

The purpose of the Addington INTA Archives is to identify, collect, organize, describe, preserve, and provide access to the historical and ongoing records of the activities of national and international INTA and the New Thought Movement. Its overall mission is to provide the message of the New Thought Movement to humanity. As an administrative unit within the organizational structure of the INTA, the Archives is responsible for maintaining the records that document the legal, fiscal, administrative, and historical activities of the INTA.

Archives History

In the 1950s, New Thought minister Raymond Charles Barker joined with scholar Charles S. Braden, author of Spirits In Rebellion, the standard history of the New Thought movement, to implement a project that would result in the collecting and storing of archival materials dealing with New Thought. In the following decades, this collection was housed at the Bridwell Library of Southern Methodist University and at the Unity Library of Unity School of Christianity. After the completion of the archives building adjoining INTA headquarters, the collection was moved there in 1990. For half a century, INTA members have dedicated themselves to collecting the material that documents the New Thought Movement, and materials are added daily.


1. The donation of an acre of land for the archives building.

2. The completion of a debt-free building constructed to the required specifications for maintaining archives materials.

3. The beginning of a $1,000,000 reserve to generate interest for covering the operating costs of the archives endowment, with the first $100,000 coming from Jack and Cornelia Addington and $44,331 coming from members in the Addington INTA Archives Stewardship Society begun in 1991. The purpose of the Stewardship Society is to enable the archives to gain financial self-sufficiency, and it represents the support of those who believe that preserving the ideas of New Thought is an effective way to minister to the needs of the present and future.

4. The successful transferring of the INTA archival collection stored at other locations to the archives.

5. The hiring of a Director of Archives who began the work of archiving the material received.

6. The purchase of a computer, used to create a database to catalog archival material.

7. The involvement of a volunteer staff with archival knowledge.

8. The establishment of an INTA Archives Committee consisting of members of both the Society for the Study of Metaphysical Religion and INTA, to offer assistance in developing the INTA Archives.

9. The creation of the Archive Steward newsletter for those who have donated $125.00 or more to the Stewardship fund.

10. The purchase of supplies for a Pictorial History Project, intended to preserve and store pictures dealing with New Thought and activities of INTA, and the creation of a Pictorial History database.

11. The creation of a New Thought magazine database, breaking down over 1,000 issues of New Thought magazine and making them available for research.

12. The compilation-in-process of an inventory of all materials on the premises, whether or not thus far formally archived. The inventory will be linked to this page in the near future.

The Future

With continuing support in the form of donated collections, the archives will provide a place for all New Thought materials to be preserved permanently and made available for study and research. If you know of material that should be housed in the archives, please contact INTA headquarters.

Archives Sasselein Peace Chapel

The Archives building also contains the beautiful Sasselein Peace Chapel, which seats 30 people. It is a special place of inspiration with its 5x7 ft. specially commissioned stained glass window, entitled "Transcendence." A prayer service is held in the Chapel Monday through Friday at noon. Each individual and group member of INTA, Archive Stewardship Society member, and INTA Prayer Partner throughout the world is included in the prayer time. All of those who have preceded us in the dissemination of New Thought are honored through prayer. Each world leader and each member of the family of humanity is included in prayers for peace, protection, illumination and well-being.

Archives Stewardship Society

Your Help Is Needed. We ask our members and friends to assist us in fulfilling one of INTA's vital services to the world of New Thought. In addition to the $100,000 endowment established by the Addingtons' Abundant Living Foundation and the money received from our stewards, we need an additional $878,000 endowment from one or more sources to assure the growth and operation of our archives. The archives chair can also be separately endowed and established in the name of the donor. The archives fund needs to reach sufficient size to support a full-time Director of Archives and the continuing work of archiving incoming material.

Archives Stewardship Society Membership

Requirement for membership in the Society is a tax deductible contribution to INTA Archives Endowment of $11.00 or more each month or $125.00 for the year. Upon completion of this requirement, your name will be placed on the Archives Stewardship Society Roll in the archives reading room. The individuals and groups who are stewards or are in the process of completing their Stewardship are an inspiration for others to follow.

Stewardship Society Application

Archives Stewardship Society Membership
$125 one-time payment for the full year

Membership Monthly Pledge Plan
$11 a month for 12 months

To join the Stewardship Society, telephone INTA at (480) 830-2461, or e-mail at, or write to:

5003 E. Broadway Road
Mesa, AZ 85206

Please indicate whether you do or do not wish to have your name listed on the Stewardship Society roll.

Please let us hear from you. INTA has a spiritual mission to fill for the family of humanity. The Archives Stewardship Society is dedicated to the achievement of this mission, including collecting, preserving, and making available for study and research all known New Thought materials.

Archival links

U. of Idaho links to Repositories of Primary Sources, including a link to valuable "Additional lists."

Standards for Archival Description: A Handbook

ICA/CDS - ISAD(G): General International Standard Archival Description

The Library Corporation (TLC): ITS.forWindows...

National Archives and Records Administration, including material on overall Archival Management, details of Preservation, and valuable links to Resources on the World Wide Web.

The Society of Southwest Archivists

E-Text Archive electronic free storage
For free storage, given by Brad Jensen, of New Thought material (including this site; many thanks), see Brad Jensen's site on making and storing Web pages, as well as his links to electronically archived writings of Charles Fillmore (with text-search program), Wallace Wattles, Thomas Troward, and Ernest Holmes, as well as many sound-recorded sermons that can be played from his site.

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works This site includes the following quotation:

Our heritage is all that we know of ourselves;
what we preserve of it, our only record.
That record is our beacon in the darkness of time;
the light that guides our steps.
Conservation is the means by which we preserve it.
. . . It is a commitment not only to the past,
but to the future.
The Nature of Conservation: A Race Against Time

Metaphysical links

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