The Academy is a non-denominational church and school dedicated to teaching the universal truth that God is all there is. We offer services and classes designed to help everyone connect with their spiritual source.

We function year round, providing a creative center of consciousness for all people to gather and participate. We are universal and therefore do not promote any one particular creed, dogma or doctrine. We study all religions, recognizing that every one is right. We operate in the realm of applied metaphysics, but not in a strict philosophical sense. Metaphysics in terms of our approach means a practical and positive perspective on life.

We believe that there is one presence and power in the universe, known by many names, which is available to everyone through conscious awareness. The creative power of God is individualized in every soul as the universal Christ. We teach the Christ principle relative to the spiritual universe and our relationship to it. Our definition of a Christian is "one who sees the Christ in another." We are devoted to the concept of working together for the highest good of all, in a cooperative attitude of non-judgmental respect. We agree that we all have the right to not be negative. In fact, our whole purpose here is to learn to reverse the negatives in our life. We listen to ourselves and each other as deeply as possible, offering our unconditional support. We encourage one another to apply the principles we are learning, making the universal truth personal by practical demonstration.


The Academy is now, and always has been, independent. We maintain a group membership in the International New Thought Alliance (I.N.T.A.), the one organization that is universal enough to include every New Thought group and individual. The main idea of the New Thought movement is that a new thought or belief embodied in consciousness produces a new condition, always in advance of any that have gone before (adapted from Thomas Troward). The New Thought movement is not really new: it is an outgrowth of all that has gone before. The universal truth is also the ancient wisdom. Although the teachings are essentially spiritual, they are also scientific, dealing with the laws of consciousness.


The original Academy was a school founded by Plato to embody a new educational idea. Several "academies" of philosophers, literary artists and other creative collectives have thrived since that time. In colonial America, academies were established to educate the middle classes in useful skills as well as academic subjects. This Academy of Universal Truth was founded in 1946 by Dr. Anna Maye Dahl. Dr. Dahl began her truth studies during the economic depression of the 1930s at Seattle Unity under the tutelage of Dr. Paul and Lillian Rigby. From 1984 to the present, the director of this Academy has been Dr. Janet Saima Pliske. Dr. Pliske started her studies with Dr. Dahl at the Academy in 1973.


On completion of required courses, theses, services and workshops, we offer three degrees: Bachelor of Metaphysics (B.Ms.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and D.D. (Doctor of Divinity). Our curriculum includes courses in Metaphysics, Psychology, Bible (Esoteric) Interpretation, Philosophy, Mental Science, Astrologic Schema, Public Presentation, and Kabbalah. We study Quimby, Emerson, Troward, Hopkins, Curtiss, Heline, Hall, Nicoll, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Percival, Beesley, Watts, and many others. Our school year is divided into three trimesters of 14 weeks each. The same courses offered to residential students are available for home study. The correspondent is not limited by what is being taught here, and may set his or her own pace. One may study for credit for degree, or for self improvement only. If you are interested in knowing more about our curriculum, please write:

The Academy of Universal Truth
2517 Eastlake Avenue East, Suite 103
Seattle, Washington 98102


We offer a worship service every Sunday at 11 a.m., with an inspirational talk by the minister, followed by a social hour. Dr. Helen Warhanik (a "retired" Religious Science minister) serves as our music director. The heart of our service is the prayer ministry we offer. Consciousness is our church, which is with us at all times and in all places, so we practice a "virtual" religion. We pray that everyone who comes or who asks for our help receives a spiritual healing. Our prayer is that we draw those we can help, as well as those who will help us to help others.


The Academy is a non-profit organization. All of your contributions are tax-deductible. No one at the Academy works for a salary. We have no other source of income, other than your donations. Many of us tithe to the Academy, giving one-tenth of our income to the source of our spiritual supply. In turn, the Academy itself tithes to other spiritual groups of like mind. What we have, we want everyone to have.


Our mission is to heal any disease and to improve any life. We have all been called, and must each choose to practice the presence of every good thing. Faith without works is dead, therefore we devote our energies to the demonstration of the spiritual laws. We must be still and know the truth that sets us free, but we must also equally *apply* the truth in our everyday life. We are committed to proving that this inner work is worthwhile. Every one of us is a creative center of God consciousness, eternally expanding.

In order to fulfill our mission, we acknowledge that there is a sacred something within each of us that demands nurturing and expression so it can grow. It is the eternal wisdom and understanding that helps any need, lack or limitation.

Our teachings are dedicated to the principle that each of us represents the image and likeness of our creator. May you become more aware of the omnipresence of God and the eternal presence of every good thing in you and as you. May the universal truth of an ever-living God go forth into the world, to heal, bless and prosper every heart that accepts it.

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