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The Calgary Life Enrichment Centre features Dr. Herman J. Aaftink in weekly, live, public lectures at the historic Palliser Hotel, downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It also offers courses and audio cassette tapes on Authentic Living. The Centre is a registered non-profit organization and participation in its activities is on a voluntary contribution basis. For further information telephone (403) 278-1217, or (403) 281-3881, or write:

Life Enrichment Centre
Suite #1003
2127 - 90 Ave. S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Our vision is to contribute effectively to the development of all humanity as an ethical global community on a healthy planet Earth, where all persons live in peace and have access to wisdom, wellness, prosperity, freedom, justice and the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

Our mission is to empower individuals to become the most loving, creative and productive persons they can be and to build the best society of which they are capable, through the understanding and application of a new, eclectic, rational and practical philosophy of life, known as Authentic Living.

Our philosophy is rooted in the philosophical, spiritual and psychological wisdom of the ages, both ancient and modern, and embraces all aspects of human experience. Our message addresses five major human needs and shares clear, applicable answers and solutions in each area, as follows:

I. THE NEED FOR WELLNESS, health, zest, energy, and vitality. THE ART OF THINKING as fulfillment in terms of attitude dynamics, understanding the subconscious mind, practising self-healing and dream interpretation.

II. THE NEED FOR SUCCESS, prosperity and personal achievement. THE ART OF MOTIVATION as fulfillment in terms of developing self-esteem, effective goal setting, a prosperity strategy, time management and practising excellence.

III. THE NEED FOR HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS, love and intimacy. THE ART OF CARING as fulfillment in terms of definite insights into the human personality and experience, with proven techniques for enhancing relationships.

IV. THE NEED FOR SERENITY, peace of mind and relaxation. THE ART OF CONTEMPLATION as fulfillment in terms of a program of mastering meditation skills, activating intuition and realizing spiritual awareness and growth.

V. THE NEED FOR MEANING, significance and continuity of being. THE ART OF REFLECTION as fulfillment in terms of recognition of synchronicity, the evolution of civilization, knowledge of non-physical phenomena and the creation of the good life, individually and collectively.

The philosophy is systematically and lucidly described in the book Brand New Me: The Art of Authentic Living by Herman J. Aaftink.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, since 1969, Herman J. Aaftink was born and educated in the Netherlands and is founder-director of the Calgary Life Enrichment Centre and co-founder of the Quimby Foundation. He is an internationally known professional speaker and presenter of lectures and seminars throughout Canada and the United States for over 40 years.

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