First Class

Alan Anderson

I go first class.

I deserve the best;

This includes not only the things that I buy, the food that I eat, but the ideas and attitudes that I allow to dwell in myself.

I know that my life is the product of the beliefs that I hold in my heart.

I root out any negativity in my attitudes by willingly accepting only the positive sides of life.

I refuse to accept as mine anything less than the best.

I change my life by changing my mind.

I am good, and I allow my life to express my goodness, partly by seeing that all other people also are good and worthy of my acceptance, irrespective of what they do.

I am creatively calm, happy, well, and prosperous.

I deserve the best and I let it be in my life, and I wish the same for all others.

In all ways, I go first class.

The above affirmation is typical of New Thought and is consistent with both conventional and process versions of New Thought.

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Entered by Alan Anderson, Feb. 13, 2000, years after writing it.

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