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Articles in the Spring 1998 issue (Vol 4, No. 1)

"The Genesis Lessons of Malinda E. Cramer" (Part I) by Robert Winterhalter

"Pluralistic Idealism: Only Mind, Many Minds" by C. Alan Anderson

"Hermeneutics for Allegorical Exegesis in Twentieth Century Idealistic Theological Systems: Coments and Guidelines" by Dell deChant

"Hindu Philosophy and the Future of New Thought Revisited" by Paul A. Laughlin

Book Reviews

The Physics of Angels: Exploring the Realm Where Science and Spirit Meet by Matthew Fox and Rupert Sheldrake, reviewed by Robert Winterhalter

The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness by David Marshak, reviewed by Robert Winterhalter

Articles in the Fall 1997 issue (Vol. 3, No. 2):

"Working Toward a Panentheistic New Thought" by C. Alan Anderson

"Parapsychology and the Future of Idealism" by John F. Miller, III

"Re-Turning East: Watering the Withered Oriental Roots of New Thought" by Paul A. Laughlin

Book and Media Reviews

Collected Essays of Jack Holland by Jack Holland, Reviewed by Robert Winterhalter

Heal the Sick: A Scriptural Record by B. Cobbey Crisler, Reviewed by Robert Winterhalter

Concordance of Biblical Citations Within the Fillmore Canon by R. Mardi Rigdon-Fitzgerald, reviewed by Dell deChant

Articles in the Spring 1997 issue (Vol. 3, No. 1):

"Quimby as Founder of New Thought" by C. Alan Anderson

"Prolegomena to Philosophical Idealism" by John Miller

"The Bible and Universal Spirituality" by Robert Winterhalter

"Mysteries of Genesis, Chapter Four" by Charles Throckmorton

Articles in the Fall 1966 issue (Vol. 2, No. 2):

"The Once and Future Uniqueness of New Thought" by C. Alan Anderson

"The Transplanting of Seicho-No-Ie from Japan to Brazil: Moving Beyond the Ethnic Enclave" by Robert Carpenter and Wade Clark Roof

"The New Thought Movement and the Nineteenth Century Discovery of Oriental Philosophy" by Carl T. Jackson

Articles in the Spring 1996 issue (Vol. 2, No. 1):

"The Case of Edward J. Arens and the Distortion of the History of New Thought" by J. Gordon Nelson

"Augustine on Time and Creation" by Campbell Whitaker

"Christian Science and America's Tradition of Philosophical Idealism" by Gage Chapel

"American Culture and the Development of New Thought" by John F. Miller, III

"Ralph Waldo Emerson: Morningstar of New Thought" by Robert Winterhalter

Book Reviews

Brand New Me: The Art of Authentic Living by Herman J. Aaftink, reviewed by Katarine Vanholte

Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book I by Neale Donald Walsh, reviewed by Robert Winterhalter

Come Unto Me writings of Malinda E. Cramer, edited by Joan Cline-McCrary, revieded by Robert Winterhalter

Articles in the Fall 1995 issue (Vol. 1, No. 2):

"Unity in Zion: A Survey of American Jewish Metaphysical Movements" by Richard L. Hoch

"New Thought and the Parables of Jesus" by Robert Winterhalter

"New Horizons in New Thought: Doing Theology in a New Thought Situation" by Dell deChant

Baccalaureate Address May 18, 1995 by Robert D. Whitaker

Book Reviews

New Thought--A Practical American Spirituality by C. Alan Anderson and Deborah G. Whitehouse, reviewed by Leddy Hammock

Mind Sciences by Todd Ehrenborg, reviewed by Robert P. Hammock

Other "Report on the INTA Transformational Expo and SSMR Annual Meeting"

Articles in the Inaugural Issue, Spring 1995:

"New Thought's Hidden History: Emma Curtis Hopkins, Forgotten Founder" by J. Gordon Melton

"Science of Mind, Networking, and Commitment as Examples of Applied Synchronicity: A Fresh Perspective on Cause and Effect" by Noel McInnis with Rita McInnis

"A Response to McInnis as a Step Toward a Reconceptualization of Science of Mind" by C. Alan Anderson

Book Reviews:

In the Light of Healing by Nona L. Brooks, reviewed by Ferne Anderson

The Global Brain by Peter Russell, reviewed by Noel McInnis

The Bible in Human Transformation: Toward a New Paradigm for Biblical Studies by Walter Wink, reviewed by Robert Winterhalter

Spiritual Healing in a Scientific Age by Robert Peel, reviewed by John Simmons

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