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From Plato and Before to Alfred North Whitehead and After
"The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato."--Whitehead, Process and Reality, p. 63.

Alan Anderson

Many of the links below no longer work, but are kept to show what once was, and might be found again, with the aid of a earch engine.

I prepared this site primarily for my Curry College philosophy students, largely supplementing the Curry Electronic Databases; and Curry links to many subjects (the philosophy and religion links including | All-in-One Biblical Resources Search [University of Birmingham] | Bible Browser | The Ethics Connection [Markkula Center for Applied Ethics] | Ethics Update [University of San Diego] | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (University of Tennessee) | New Thought Movement Home Page | Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science | The Paideia Project Online | Philosophy News Service (see below) | Philosophy Sites on the Internet [Tel Aviv University]); but obviously it should be useful to other people exploring various areas. My chief concern in this site is to provide links to material related to philosophy but not squarely within philosophy. While this grist for the philosophical mill is located primarily near the beginning, some aspects of it are found throughout the site.

News of philosophy:
Philosophy News Service, with news of philosophy for children, philosophical counseling, early modern philosophy, applied ethics, health care ethics, logic, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, philosophy of psychiatry, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of sport. Each has various reports. Philosophy site of the week and book of the week
The Philosophers' Magazine online
Philosophy Now online
Applied Philosophy online
Think articles

Various reference works and other collections, some of those especially likely to be helpful bolded
Encyclopaedia Britannica and its links | Bartleby reference and other works | Information Please Almanac, dictionary, and Columbia Encyclopedia. | Compton's Encyclopedia | | free encyclopedia | Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus | One Look Dictionaries | 1913 dictionary | Dictionary of Theology (and philosophy) | Believe religion topics | Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable | Philosophical Dictionary | philosophical lexicon | Blackwell Philosophical Glossary | Wadsworth glossary | Window philosophers | Biographical Dictionary | Bible Browser | Bible Gateway | Bible search and rel. news | Bible search, incl. Strong's ## | Bible subject search | Nave's Topical Bible & links | St. Sam's Dict. | ISM Book | Devil's Dict. | 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia and other Roman Catholic resources | Words of Art | Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy | Theological and Philosophical Biography and Glossary | Study Web | Phil/Mind Dict. | Philosophy/Mind Glossary | Encarta Encyclopedia philosophy articles | Skeptic's Dictionary | Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary | International Encyclopedia of Phil. of Ed. entries | Encyclopedia of Phil. of Ed. | Episteme links | Suber's philosophy links | philosophy course resources | Voice of Shuttle humanities research | Union of International Associations. | Integrative Concepts Index | Encyclopedia of World Problems | Liberty Library | Digital Classics | On-Line Book Archive | Great Books Index | Eldritch Press | On Line Books Page | E-Text Archive storage free service | Internet Public Library | World Wide Articles Bank | a popular introduction to philosophy | Science, Religion and Technology Project site map | New York Times Navigator selective guide | 25 Most Useful Sites and Philosophy Search | Prof. Gigabyte | What do you want to know today? | World Charts top 100 websites | Lectric Law Lib. | 1901 Bartlett | National Geographic Map Machine | Mapquest | topographical maps | An Overview of the Solar System | Great Debates in Astronomy | Telling Time and the Age of the Universe | Origins | Internet links of interest to New York Times "arts@large" readers; has categories Visual Arts; New York Museums; Other Museums of Interest; Performing Arts; Literature; Classical Music; Popular Music; Jazz; Folk, Roots and World Music; Film, Television and Radio, and Entertainment News. | literature and the history of medicine | Philosophy for Everyone | University of Virginia Religious Movements site.

Some sources of news and views:

New York Times P.1+ | New York Times Magazine | Boston Globe | Boston Globe Magazine | Christian Science Monitor | The Wire of the Associated Press | United Press International headlines | "Top 9" online news sources | Politics Live! |

Search engines and similar helps

Search Engines Galore | Google | Fast Search | Thingy | Direct Hit | Infind | Mamma | Metacrawler | Northern Light | Alta Vista | Dogpile | Infoseek | Web Crawler | Yahoo | Searchitall | Ask Jeeves | Searchbank | Starting Point and Hotbot | Metasearch | Web Search | "Best WWW Searchers" | All in One Search | Internet Sleuth | Nerd World | Galaxy | Lykos | Excite | Savvy Search | WWW Worm | multiple search forms | Spirit Search | N. Y. Times search for many of its articles.

Food for philosophical thought

In relation to the turn of the century and the millennium (although the correct date is January 1, 2001, since there was no year 0)

U.S. News & World Report Jan. 3, 2000, "Inventing the Future"
Newsweek Jan. 1, 2000, "The 21st Century: A User's Guide"
Time "Visions of the 21st Century" Part 1 and Part 2.
Time "Person of the Century"
Washington Post "At the Millennium"
Christian Science Monitor "A Thousand Years"
The New York Times "A New Millennium" links to Times millennium specials, including millennial issues of The New York Times Magazine and January 1, 2000, "Visions of Their World" special sections.
ABC Millennium

Poll results on "The Inner Life of Americans: Views on Spirituality, Identity, Sexuality, Anxiety and More," New York Times Magazine, Apr. 30, 2000. In greater detail, morality | identity | intimacies | spirituality | satisfactions | anxieties | "The Pursuit of Autonomy?" in relation to poll results on "The Way We Live Now," New York Times Magazine, May 7, 2000.

"A Catalog of the Near Future," New York Times Magazine, June 11, 2000.

In relation to other topics

Philosophical and Other Resources, Part 2 and Philosophical and Other Resources, Part 3 and Philosophcal and Other Resources, Part 4 and Philosophical and Other Resources, Part 5
Parts 2 and 3 contain links to many articles worthy of philosophical reflection.

Some sources of books to buy or borrow

Bibliofind | Bibliomancy | | Schoolstop | Ecampus | Follett | CoreText | Varsitybooks | Bookfinder | ECompare | Best Book Buys | Acses | Advanced Book Exchange | Seekbooks | Price Scan | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Borders | philosophy books | Curry library search | Boston Public Library

Resources in relation to some branches and historical periods of philosophy

Mostly related to ethics
Josephson Institute of Ethics, including Making Ethical Decisions | Ethics links | Ethics Update | ethics links | Robert Cavalier's Online Guide to Ethics and Moral Philosophy | Science and ethics | "What is Whitehead's Highest Good?" | "Process and Reality: a Resource for Parsing Ethics" | "Highlights of Ethics (Moral Philosophy)" Roslin Institute (cloning etc.) | Human Cloning Foundation | New York Times links to its articles on "Privacy in the Digital Age." Journal of College & Character and Character Clearinghouse
See also PHIL 2020, Philosophy and Health Issues below, and process thought links below.

Mostly related to metaphysics
Metaphysics: Multiple Meanings | Metaphysical Questions and Answers | Process Thought Links
| Theories of Human Nature Course Outline See also process thought links below.

Mostly related to epistemology and philosophy of science, as well as to sciences
intuition transcripts | Culture and History of Science | New York Times links to articles of "The Nature of the Universe" and links to articles on the natural world, environment.

Mostly related to philosophy of religion, mysticism, and religion in general
New York Times links to its articles on religion | Mystica Encycl. | Origins Christianity, History of Jesus | Esoterica | Parabola | Theosophical Glossary | Ecole Glossary | Boston University Rel. & Phil. Resources | Alberta Religious Studies | Finding God in Cyberspace | American Academy of Religion | Society of Biblical Literature | TELA | Faith and Belief | religion on web | Serious Links | U. of Virginia Religious Movements | Belief System Selector | Belief System Descriptions & Links | some unusual religions | religions concisely sumarized | About links to religions | Perspectives on Faith, arranged according to J. Gordon Melton's families of faith |

Mostly in relation to modern philosophy
The Beginning of Modern Science
Existentialism, including not only ordinarily recognized existentialists but some others, including Woody Allen.
Charles T. Tart's "The Western Creed", in his paper, "Consciousness: A Psychological, Transpersonal and Parapsychological Approach"

Mostly related to postmodernism
Modern and Postmodern | Postmodern links | Postmodern Theory | anthropological theories, including postmodernism

Mostly related to aesthetics and the arts
Artsource, including architecture
New York Times Art and Leisure
See also process thought links below.

News of religion
Greenbelt Interfaith News, with links to Religion News Sites | PBS Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly | the BeliefNet and article on it | New York Times links to news of religion |

Some "classical" inspirational writings
"A Message to Garcia" by Elbert Hubbard
As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.
"The Other Wise Man" by Henry Van Dyke.

Other material

The philosophical outlook of Alan Anderson and Deb Whitehouse, a practically oriented blend of the constructive postmoderninsm known as Process Thought and the positive thinking, God-oriented approach to living known as New Thought. That site contains links to other writings by Anderson and Whitehouse.

My site dealing with the New York World's Fair of 1939 and 1940, perhaps worthy of consideration in relation to the century and its philosophical foundations. Its "World of Tomorrow" largely has become our world, for better or worse. It has links to related sites, and it has become a repository of recollections for many people; it has been of interest to many young people.

My Some Tips on English

For PHIL 2020, Philosophy and Health Issues: See several articles listed above, in addition to
Fall 2000 Syllabus
Metaphysical Questions and Answers
"Philosophy of Medicine from a Whiteheadian Perspective"
Postmodernism and You: Health Care
"Why Process Thought is Relevant: A Psychiatrist's Perspective"
A Summary of Biomedical Ethical Theory
Ethical Intuitionism
ancient Greek medicine
Links to New York Times articles on genetically modified foods
Links to New York Times New York Times articles on the human genome project. See also "Mostly related to ethics" section above.

For PHIL 2070, Life after Death: First questions | Second questions | Third questions.

For PHIL 2110, Beginnings of Philosophy: Washington State University Resources for the Study of World Civilizations; See especially Internet Resources: Ancient Greece.
See also Scholars' Guide to WWW.

For PHIL 2120, Modern Philosophy: First questions | Second questions | Third questions | Life After Death questions related to Modern Philosophy
Faces of Modernity | modern and postmodern resources | Wabash Center resources on postmodernism | other Christian resources | Defining Postmodernism | Postmodernism: What One Needs to Know | The Teacher's Guide to Postmodernism | The Catastrophe of Postmodernism | What is "Postmodernism"? | Toward a Theological Understanding of Postmodernism | "The Postmodern," "Postmodernism," "Postmodernity": Approaches to Po-Mo | Postmodernism and the Generic | Postmodernism: Rearranging the Furniture of the Universe | Postmodernism & the Subject: Pessimism of the Will' | Christianity and Postmodernity | Postmodernism/Fin de Siecle: The Prospects for Openness in a Decade of Closure

For various courses: Panorama of Mostly Western Philosophy
Size and Age of the Universe and Time of Arrival of Some Forms of Life. Cf. New York's new planetarium. See also here and here.
Some Lists from religion, mythology, philosophy, education, geography, and other areas. A Checklist for Metaphysics and Ethics

Process thought writings related to various courses:

Some Steps in Learning Process Thought
"What is Whitehead's Highest Good?"
"Process and Reality: a Resource for Parsing Ethics"

1998 Whitehead Conference papers

Consciousness Timeline

Philosophical and Other Resources, Part 2

Philosophical and Other Resources, Part 3

Philosophical and Other Resources, Part 4

Philosophical and Other Resources, Part 5

Philosophical Health Check

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