The Society of Pragmatic Mysticism was founded by Mildred Mann (1904-1971), who taught metaphysics in the New Thought tradition in New York City. A few pages of her Become what you Believe, on the nature and use of spiritual treatments, including her "Seven Steps in Demonstration," are quoted below as they appear at pages 136-39 of New Thought: A Practical American Spirituality.

Mildred Mann had a gift for putting things simply. She defined treatment as

nothing more than a change in your thoughts, at any given moment, from negative ideas to positive ones. [By turning one's attention to a favorite affirmation, a Bible text, or whatever] the conscious mind is forced to think in a new way. And according to the degree of concentrative ability the person has, it will begin to impress the subconscious mind and change the emotion from fear to . . . peace. And then the outer picture, no matter what it is, will begin to change for the better.
Elsewhere in the book:
The way is extremely simple, but definitely not easy. Still, it is no more difficult than learning to speak a foreign language, studying a new subject, or learning to do anything new. We train ourselves to think positively and constructively. Take any particular problem in your life, and face up to it. Don't deny that it exists, because it does, and has, through the sustenance your thought has given it. Now, you decide you are going to change your diet. You are going to put that problem on a starvation routine, by refusing to nourish it with thoughts which have fed it so far. You look through it; you realize it is but a shadow, because behind it lies the perfect pattern given you by your God. You make your mind dwell on that. When your thought slips back to the worry or fear patterns it has known, pull it back to positive thinking, and stick to it. This is the place where will power comes in, and it takes will power in the beginning.

Remind yourself that you are a child of God. Within you is locked the perfection of Divinity [initial aim, in process terminology], and only you have the key to open it [to choose the perfect divine offer over the past]. No one can do that for you. You can only turn the key by turning your thought, and you can only keep the door open by keeping your thought turned in the direction of positive, constructive thinking.

Mildred Mann presents "Seven Steps in Demonstration":
Desire. Get a strong enthusiasm for that which you want in your life, a real longing for something which is not there now.
Decision. Know definitely what it is that you want, what it is that you want to do or have, and be willing to pay in spiritual values.
Ask. [When sure and enthusiastic] ask for it in simple, concise language. . . .
Believe in the accomplishment with strong faith, consciously and subconsciously].
Work at it. . . a few minutes daily in seeing yourself in the finished picture. Never outline details, but rather see yourself enjoying the particular thing . . .
Feel gratitude. Always remember to say, "Thank you God," and begin to feel the gratitude in your heart. The most powerful prayer we can ever make is those three words, provided we really feel it.
Feel expectancy. Train yourself to live in a state of happy expectancy. . . . Act itþuntil it becomes part of you, as it must and will.
These are the seven steps. Follow them and they will bring you whatever it is that you need.
She summarizes:
Drop the problem, turn to God, and ask and claim your good. Stay turned in that direction, and you will have the secret of effective prayer.
She concludes the book with several "points to remember and think about":
YOU are Divine Spirit.
YOU are a child of God.
YOU have been given complete dominion over your life.
With God all things are possible.
You are never alone, for God is always with you.
Be positive in thought and word and deed.
Live up to the highest you know in all things.
See the Presence of God in your fellow man, particularlywhenyou do not like him.
Give something of yourself in everything you do and toeveryone you meet, particularly when you do not feel like it.
Meditate daily.
"In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength."Isaiah 30:15
In recent years the main activity of the Society has been the publication and sale of her writings. The Society's address is:
Society of Pragmatic Mysticism
23501 Vermont Route 30
Pawlet, VT 05761
(802) 325-3107

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