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Matthew Fox

Matthew FoxMatthew Fox, a spiritual theologian, has been an ordained priest since 1967. He holds Masters degrees in philosophy and theology for Aquinas Institute and a Doctorate in spirituality, summa cum laude, from the Institute Catholique de Paris.

He is the founder of the University Of Creation Spirituality which is located in downtown Oakland, California.  He is author of 22 books , including the best-selling Original Blessing and A Spirituality named Compassion. His most recent book is Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh. His forthcoming book on deep ecumenism has been inspired by Thich Nhat Hahn's book Living Buddha, Living Christ.

Matthew has travel throughout North America, Central America, Europe and Australia bringing his message of ecological and social justice, mysticism and blessing to an eager and ever-growing audience. We are blessed to have Matthew giving both a lecture and workshop this year. His lecture will be on "Passion and Compassion" and his workshop will be on "Trance, Dance and the Reinvention of Ritual and Community."

"Our true family is the family of being, the family of creation, the family of our Creator and the Source of all being." .....Matthew Fox

"Fox's wisdom encompasses American Indian wisdom, Rabbinical thought, Hindu sacred texts, Christian mystics of the Middle Ages, cutting edge science and deep ecumenism" .....
The Oregonian

"From his earliest works he would ask the questions that world from the basis of his thinking: What is the relationship between mysticism and the struggle for justice?" .....The Rolling Stone